September 28th, 2010, 9:21 am

Supernatural Season 6 {SPOILER WARNING}

Seriously believe the title because if you haven't watched the first episode of Season 6 then get out now.

Ok so Season 6 has started off with not so much a bang but a slow revving. Don't take that as me poopooing the episode, far from it even. New mysteries are hinted at from 10 minutes in and along with new characters. But at the center of this episode, and probably every episode since season 2, is the brothers Winchester getting to grips with yet another resurrection. Jensen Ackles plays his role of a rusty hunter one year on from the Apocalypse brilliantly. I thought going into watching the episode that it would be hard to believe that Dean Winchester is a family man but yet there he was living an average life. This performance was of course completely upstaged by the new and improved darker Sam. From the very instant Jared Padalecki takes screen he steals the show with his brooding yet incredibly calm and relaxed demeanor. Given the way this episode went and the questions it brought up really gives me hope that this monster a week season could keep fans satisfied. Oh and on a side note in the movie "Citizen Kane" "Rosebud" is the name of his sled from when he was a kid.


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Genshai_, September 28th, 2010, 9:38 am

used to watch it but got bored halfway thru season 3 or 4 (the one where Dean got res'd by angels :P)

McJefferstein, September 28th, 2010, 10:33 am

That would indeed be the 4th season. It actually picked up in the latter half of that season which tends to be the case lately.

NtKGar, October 5th, 2010, 9:40 am

I didn't really care for the season 6 premiere. I wasn't expecting the reason for Sam's resurrection to be given straight away, but I didn't like that everyone seemed to be fine with it. Even Bobby, and that just goes against character. Dean seemed more annoyed that Sam didn't tell him he was back straight away than anything else. He should've suspicious as fuck that Sam did all the standard tests to verify he's not a demon on himself, and everyone accepted "I dunno" as an explanation far too readily. There should at least have been a couple of theories put forward, but I guess they were cut for time.

I think 'cut for time' plagued the entire episode. They spend a while establishing Dean the Family Man, and that's fine, then Sam et al turn up and Dean's all "What the hell is going on here" and Sam's like "I dunno", which Bobby concurs with and then they hunt monsters for a while and there's an interesting bit which would be a spoiler, but it just didn't really gel all that well. Basically it made too little sense for my liking - and I write Neko the Kitty.

I'm going to give it a couple more episodes to pick up. They hinted at a couple of season arcs that could be interesting, but they spent too much time hinting and not enough time exploring.

And Genshai, you should watch the rest of seasons 4 & 5, you've missed out on Castiel.

McJefferstein, October 5th, 2010, 11:34 am

The complete and utter lack of trust Dean has in Sam and co has begun to show more in the second episode. I'd have to say that my one gripe that shall be ever constant is my hatred for Dean's bland girlfriend. So bland is she that I cannot not remember her name so for the purposes of my further commentary she shall be henceforth be known as Blandiod. As sexy as the return of the Impala is, the way things ended or paused or whatever the hell with Blandiod just reeked of crappy character development. Dean in one place goes against all that is Dean, but just returning to the situation in Season 2 where Dean has his own personal Roadhouse to call home again is just dumb. Even in short bursts Blandiod cannot even begin to compete with previous one-scene-an-episode characters like Ellen, Ash or Jo. I honestly would not be surprised if there is an explosion in the future.

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