June 21st, 2013, 12:50 pm

Pick Up Lines

So I stumbled on this video of a guy walking up to random women on the street and using a terrible pick up line he got off the internet. He does it 100 times.

Some of the lines are cute and nerdy, a lot of them are outright filthy, the best ones manage to be both. It's a funny clip, and there are a couple of hilarious reactions from the women (the one that ends the video had me laughing for a good while).

It's problematic. Quite a few of the 100 worst pick-up lines the internet had to offer were pretty much overt sexual harassment. A compliment wrapped up in smutty wordplay is one thing, "c'mon, this dick ain't gonna suck itself" is...not that thing.

Someone in the comments (one Miss_Kitten_99) points out that the reaction from a lot of women, even to some of the more offensive lines, it just to adopt a blank expression and walk on. It's pretty crazy that women are normalised to random guys coming up and basically demanding sex. That's fucked up.

But I laughed.

Quite a lot of the women laughed too. The guy crosses the line a bunch of times over the course of the video, but where is the line drawn?

I think the idea behind the video is to find out. The dude manages not to be creepy most of the time, but is REALLY creepy in a few clips.

There's a sampling of 100 women and he changes up the approach. I got really annoyed with him for not leaving the girl with the book alone. Some of the women laughed, though. Usually at the lines I laughed at. There's an extent to which walking up to strangers and saying something weird and funny clearly IS welcome. The 'Transformers' line gets a great reaction,

As a man I'm not subjected to a whole lot of creepiness day-to-day. Normally I have to exert some effort if I want to interact with another human being. By and large, strangers leave me be. The occasional compliment from a stranger is usually about my clothes or something I'm doing rather than my boobs, and is a rare and welcome occurence.

There was a point in all this, somewhere.

I guess I'm not sure whether unwanted attention is worse than being generally ignored. Things one gender will never fully understand about the other, I expect.

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NM_eipuru, June 22nd, 2013, 11:18 pm

Hello! Long time reader. Sorry I don't comment very often. I would like to put my two cents in here and say that personally, as a young woman in a small city, I prefer to just be left alone. I dress and carry myself in a way that often encourages people to just f*** off, and I do it on purpose, because as a young woman in this particular small city, male attention usually is a precursor to something more. The young men here are very entitled and think that they are owed sex, even if they just so much as hold a door open for a strange woman. If a young lady is approached, the man usually is crude, rude, and utterly horrible, even to the point of following the young lady around through the store.

I learned this lesson when I was sixteen. I walked three blocks to a McDonald's, covered from neck to toe with a dress, opaque tights, and boots. It wasn't like anyone could see anything. Every last item on me was a dark color and opaque. Still, a car pulled up beside me on the road and asked how much I was "selling" for. Did they leave it at that? No. They pulled in the next alley, blocking my way, and continued to yell and harass me. They even tried to come into the car dealership (where I ran, in fear, to get some help because I'd never been harassed like that before). Thankfully the man there knew me and my family and ran them off, but the point of my little anecdote is that, for me, I'd really rather just be left alone. Sexual harassment and assault are very common in this place. A young lady here has every reason to fear male attention. They will follow us, block us, continue to harass us. They even followed someone into the bathroom when she blew off his pick-up lines and comments.

A pick-up line should not be that crude. Silly, funny, complimentary, even cheesy, but not crude. And if the woman does not respond or responds badly, then people need to leave her alone. Don't follow her. Don't continue to harass her.

That happens too much here.

Anyway, sorry for the long comment! I really love your comic and often refer others to it. Cats always make things better for me!

Saskyou, June 23rd, 2013, 5:11 pm

^ Wow @NM_eipuru: As a man I see that the real problem is not with the pick-up lines and trying to "pick up women", but the whole mindset of "picking up women".
I sometimes wish that these people would get objectified once or twice to learn how it feels... Eh, most jerks probably wouldn't mind

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