#751 "Wait, what?"

07 Sep 2010 04:24 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply NtKGar, 07 Sep 2010 04:24 pm

Yeeess, this thing does have a plot.

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User's Comments:

Reply TheWho?, 07 Sep 2010 09:30 pm

and I love it! I love Keno hes just so fucking cute!

Reply Corey Kramer (Guest), 07 Sep 2010 10:49 pm

Gas-Cat Love the cat seeping under the door- cool effect!

Reply skykitty (Guest), 08 Sep 2010 02:10 am

Is Poe gonna stay longer or soon will not appear again?

Reply NtKGar, 08 Sep 2010 02:56 am

Skykitty: Poe's going to be around until the end of this storyline, and then he's going to be recurring cast. I have a couple of ideas for things he can do when this adventure is over.

Corey: Poe seeping under the door in smoke form is just done with photoshop's airbrush tool (the second '19' brush in the default brush palette, resized to taste)

There's also a Keno t-shirt in the store (it's Star Trek themed!) It defaults to a black t-shirt, but you can print the design on other stuff if you prefer http://www.zazzle.co.uk/set_phasers_to_helping_tshirt-235946493253764149

Reply Arietta (Guest), 08 Feb 2012 08:16 pm

I was still hoping for more kitties...

Reply TheAlbumAtrium, 11 Apr 2012 07:47 am

He still hasn't used all of Neko's children. I think there was one named "puddles" we haven't seen a lot of. Not sure what he could do with that though.

Reply NtKGar, 11 Apr 2012 08:17 am

Neko and Maisy had five kittens: Poe, Aya, Muffin, Puddles and Keno. Keno stayed put (obviously) and the others were all adopted out to different webcomics - Poe was adopted by Surreal U, Aya by Catharsis, Puddles by Fragile Gravity and Muffin by 9th Elsewhere.

All those comics have since ended or gone on indefinite hiatus or otherwise closed up shop (which makes me feel old). The archives for Surreal U and Fragile Gravity can still be found online

Reply Sam (Guest), 29 Nov 2013 03:47 am

Keno starfish an balls *snickers*

Reply angelneko, 03 Feb 2014 02:15 pm

It looks so lovely how poe gets through below the door! Great work ^^

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