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I try not to do pop culture references too much because I want this thing to stay relevant, but who can resist Nathan Fillion?


Awwwaa! The little gay fuzzies give me the warm fuzzies!


So cute it feels as if I've been stabbed by its adorability.


still my favorite strip, lol
My book mark for catching up on the gang is this strip... so every time I stop in to see the newest strip, I see this one first, then click Today.

this... You're art works and colors have steadily improved... your lines for your kitties have gotten much crisper and even more stable...

But this strip is pure Awesomesauce...

When ever I share your comic I give them the link to this one, so they can see why I love it so, then tell them to read from the beginning...


I just have to say that I love how you include "that one gay couple that everyone knows" in your comic. Even if it's two cats. It's so relevant. And they're so innocent about it. (It makes sense, since humans are the only species that seems to give a fuck about sexual orientation.)

/end rant