045 Religion is Little Comfort

December 21st, 2016, 6:30 pm

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Solipsism has never taken off as an
official world religion because it's
literally impossible for it to do so.

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Reply NtKGar, December 21st, 2016, 7:47 pm

Solipsism is a philosophy based on the concept that the only thing anyone can be absolutely certain exists is themselves, and that all perceived reality is therefore simply an extension of the self. Kind of the egocentric inverse of the buddhist notion of the self as part of the vast continuum of life. Whether it's more existentially honest or leads to becoming a better person is ultimately up to the end user, but that's the case with any religion.

Sorry for the missed update, I had a visit from the Muse over the weekend. I've had this scene in my head for a couple of years now, of Santa Claus waving to another Santa Claus across the rooftops. The rest of the story just sort of sprouted overnight. I'm really excited about this story, it's called "How Do I Do It All In One Night?" It's twelve pages long and I want to give it to my family as a Christmas present so I've been working on that as my main project to get it done on time.

You guys will be getting it too, don't worry. I want to start working a couple of strips ahead so a twelve-page Twelve-Days Of Christmas buys me the week I have off of Christmas to start drawing ahead. You'll be getting a big Merry Christmas splash page around New Years but just roll with it.

It's a colouring book, so a high-resolution downloadable version will be available from our oft-forgotten Patreon Page for all patrans at or above dollar level and if people send back colour versions I'll share them on Patreon too because that's just good content.

I say oft-forgotten because I keep forgetting to post stuff to it, I'm more reciprocal than active when it comes to engaging with people, which isn't ideal from a marketing perspective but is a character trait and not something I can change easily. I'm quiet by nature and worry about being obnoxious when I'm not, and I've come to the conclusion that my obnoxicity and my sense of humour are the same thing eliciting different responses in different people.

I've been enjoying Twitter quite a lot lately actually. I've started just tweeting Yellow Sticky images directly because it updates every day, it's literally just doodles on yellow sticky notes anyway, and the format's just really well suited to Twitter. We're up to 946 followers so Go Nekolytes! I don't have a collective term for Yellow Sticky fans yet. Post-Ites?

Side note: We got our new mattress! We've needed one since at least the beginning of the year, I think I've mentioned it on here before. It was an indirect christmas present from my Dad, by way of a cash gift for which I am profoundly grateful. It's got pocket springs and a memory foam layer and Sweet Jebus it is SO much more comfortable than the old mattress. The old mattress was a coil-sprung job and jingled when we moved it, as a stop-gap measure we got thick yoga mats and put them under the mattress earlier in the year, and the noticeable difference that made was nothing compared to this thing. Hartington's is the make, we got it from a furniture liquidation place out in Tallaght. I actually got up and started typing this because I was too excited to sleep the mattress is that damn comfortable.

I just this moment realised it's Solstice Night and it feels like Christmas Morning, which is so very apt. Happy Yule everyone, Summer is Coming!!

We've included a preview of the Christmas comic in the vote incentive, I see some lines I want to thicken but previews don't have to be finished so shut up artistic self-doubt your objections are noted.

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