#1212 "Dial Tone"

February 7th, 2016, 6:01 pm

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Logically there shouldn't be a limit as to
how imprecise you can be with Chaos Magic,
yet here we are.

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Reply NtKGar, February 7th, 2016, 7:12 pm

One of my favourite bits in Star Trek: The Next Generation were the scenes where the crew were sitting around the table coming up with reasons why they couldn't just use the damn transporter to solve literally every problem. Looking back on it those scenes are a pretty cheap exposition device, but then again; Time Turner? What Time Turner? They could have at least broken it or something. The time turner breaking when they crossed their own time lines the last time they used it would have made perfect sense. The time turner breaking locks the sequence at that version of Harry and Hermione coming along. Harry casting the full Patronus for the first time is the definitive outcome. It would have built tension and closed a plot hole in one fell swoop. Hermione had even warned them about the potential consequences of crossing their own timeline - that's a narratively perfect consequence right there! Dammit Rowling you're a better writer than that! I'm actually inclined to blame that one on the editors.

JK, if you're reading this: Hooray! I think about your stories a lot.

Gene Roddenberry, if you're reading this: Holy crap consciousness survives and you can receive electronic messages?!?!! I think about your stories a lot too.

Anyway work is going well. Got a prospect of overtime and for once we're ahead on comics, so I can take it up. Got all of next week drawn and scripts and sketches in for the week after that, so long hours aren't a problem. One of the Patreon tiers lets you peek ahead at the next strip, but I've been thinking about changing that to getting it in page-a-week format, so I'd like feedback on that.

Looking forward to the Deadpool movie too. Ryan Reynolds was good as Wade Wilson in the otherwise shitty X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so I'm glad they stuck with him for the role.

This is also the first origin story I'll be getting for Deadpool. I've got some of the Cable and Deadpool books at home, but that's as early as my reading goes. He's a fairly self-explanatory character (often literally) so having him enter a story fully-formed is fine. He's got a better healing factor than Wolverine, but it also accelerated his cancer, so he's got super cancer but he can't die, and he's seen the funny side of that. He's a pretty great character, he's probably the most open-minded character in the Marvel universe because he lives on the precipice of life and death. And it's fun. This makes him fairly amoral, but he values his friends and will always pull through for them. In the stupidest most destructive way possible. You can enjoy the character as a Being That Enters without seeing firsthand how they came to be.

Anyway, there's real depth to the character, but he's silly and overblown, so if the film follows the spirit of the comic (which I trust Marvel Studios with at this point) there's a heck of a character to introduce and we should be in for a treat.

Feel free to talk about Deadpool in the comments! I've not read a lot so links to favourite scenes are good. The <A HREF= thing won't work, but just paste in the URL. The system automatically turns them into links, you just can't make them look pretty. It's an anti-spam thing, it's actually kinda clever.

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