#1161 ...aaaand we're back

February 16th, 2015, 7:21 pm

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In-universe, breaks in update schedule now represent long awkward silences.

Author's Comments:

Reply NtKGar, February 16th, 2015, 7:21 pm

Howdy all,

First up I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who kept checking up on the site and leaving comments. It's really nice to know people miss the comic when it's not updating.

For those of you who were worried about me - thanks for your concern, I'm OK. Breaks in schedule tend to occur when I'm particularly stressed or when the ol' depression's flaring up.

Depression's boring so I'm not going to talk about it for long. Being boring is, for me anyway, basically depression's core mechanism. When it's acting up, stuff that's usually fun just...stops being fun. A labour-intensive hobby like making a comic is a fairly natural casualty to that sort of thing, and it tends to get a bit worse in winter.

Anyway, I haven't had a really BAD episode in quite some time. While I'm a bit off 'normal' in terms of behaviours and modes of thought characteristic of depression, it's more useful (and probably more true) to think of that as part of my personality rather than trying to pathologise it.

There are people for whom it's a constantly debilitating and life-threatening illness. For me it's more like a sort of emotional eczema. It's ugly and unpleasant and never really goes away, but really it's not that bad.

Not sure what the update schedule's going to be like for the next little while. The eczema's pretty much cleared up, but there's now another factor in play.

You might remember I was doing an internship with the music collaboration app WholeWorldBand last year. Well, that turned into a graphic design job! Check out the app if you've got an iPad or iPhone, I made all the buttons :D The app's still a work in progress, we're adding new features and the list's long enough to keep me in work for a while, which is good because they're awesome to work for.

Potential downside is that working in graphic design uses a lot of the same mental faculties as making comics, and is infamous for having a detrimental effect on that sort of creativity. I've never been able to stay away from making comics for terribly long, but my energy and drive for visual creativity after a day's work being visually creative may be lower than it was when my workday consisted of endless repetitive tedium.

I have an idea where the story's going and I'm going to try for a page a week rather than updating as a strip several times a week. Hopefully with this approach I'll be able to manage everything. If updates aren't clockwork-regular though, it's likely that I'm just worn out from work and shouldn't be cause for concern.

Thanks again for your continued support, stay tuned for more advencha, more cute, and of course more cynicism and dick jokes.


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User's Comments:

Reply Altessia, February 16th, 2015, 7:55 pm

Glad to see from you! More pussy jokes are good, too ^^

Reply SuperScratchkat, February 16th, 2015, 8:10 pm

Heck yeah, Neko's back!

Reply Juan (Guest), February 16th, 2015, 9:44 pm

Yay! Welcome back, the world is a better place now!

(That's sincerity, by the way. I know, I suck at it. I'm working on that.)

Reply Guest, February 16th, 2015, 11:29 pm

YOU'RE BACK! HA! HA! i feel so bad for you but. i can't help but smile my friend and i are big fan's ( though she started squealing when she saw this she still is -w-; )

Reply Copperwolf, February 17th, 2015, 12:03 am

Yay Neko's back :)
And a graphic design job?
Sounds bloody AWESOME good luck

Reply anothercomicreader (Guest), February 17th, 2015, 12:08 am

Welcome Back !! Aaahhh, Welcome Back my friend ! Long Life to Neko !!!

Reply Auramasda (Guest), February 17th, 2015, 4:44 am

Welcome back, I missed Keno and Neko. But in the 1th and 3th draw Aya has 2 leg?

Reply Guest, February 17th, 2015, 5:29 am

congrats on the job and for being back, I hope you feel a bit better now and that things continue in your favor!

Reply JD (Guest), February 17th, 2015, 1:15 pm

welcome back Just glad to see its still going, as long as we see something here to know it has a pulse.

Reply Dimitrius Voldun (Guest), February 17th, 2015, 11:52 pm

I have to deal with that "emotional eczema" as well. I know how it goes. I'm glad that this flare-up is mostly gone, bro. Deal with things at a pace that's healthy and keeps what sanity you have left moderately intact, and we, the fans, will understand and continue to be here to support you.

Reply eric carter (Guest), February 18th, 2015, 12:55 pm

good to see you nice to see you back, it's kind of funny with all the things a person can feel I hope you enjoy your new job having stuff to focus on helps believe me

Reply vlad (Guest), February 19th, 2015, 7:20 am

YAY! im glad your back! ... why is it always depression? i swear far more of the comics i follow go on hiatus because of depression than because of anything els...

Reply NtKGar, February 19th, 2015, 7:50 am

@vlad: Depression's fairly common in general, and is downright endemic amongst entertainers (not sure which way the cause/effect relationship goes there, or even if there is one). Are cartoonists particularly prone to it? I don't know, I'm not sure there have been studies. Probably.

The kind of person who draws comics likes to be left alone (as evidenced by their tendency to sit drawing comics for hours on end), but also craves attention and approval (as evidenced by putting our work online, which means it's not done just for the sake of doing it). If you get a bit successful there's a sort of anonymous celebrity to it. I think the kind of person who wants that probably tends towards internal conflict.

There's a fairly rich vein of thought there to mine, but I'll have to get back to it because I'm at work right now.

Reply Guest, February 20th, 2015, 8:48 pm

Am I the only one? Panel 4 Aya... those are my only clues. If you see it you're as messed up as I am.

Reply Dimitrius Voldun (Guest), February 21st, 2015, 1:56 am

Re: Am I the only one? Nope! I see it, too!

Reply NtKGar, February 21st, 2015, 6:39 am


Reply vlad (Guest), February 22nd, 2015, 12:00 am

aya's anus or the negative space bummy?

Reply NtKGar, February 22nd, 2015, 5:59 am

I actually edited the comic because panel 4 showed Aya's left leg intact. Same thing happened with the scar on Keno's ear for quite a while after he got it, but the error's a bit more glaring when it's a whole limb.

I hadn't even considered that someone might be surprised to see cat anus in this comic.

Reply willky7, February 28th, 2015, 6:17 am

Take a break from comics for two weeks and EVERYTHING goes down.
This is amazing news!

Reply willky7, February 28th, 2015, 6:19 am

Also, @NtKGar this is smackjeeves, you got to be extra careful of fetish comics

Reply NtKGar, February 28th, 2015, 8:50 am

Oh cat anus isn't a fetish, it's just something you accept you're going to see a lot of if you live with cats.

Reply willky7, March 20th, 2015, 7:08 am

I know that all too well.
But now one cats too lazy and the other is scared of everything

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