#863 "The world is my physics puzzle"

07 Jul 2011 06:32 pm

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That's not ALL he can
do with his fat

Author's Comments:

Reply NtKGar, 08 Jul 2011 06:34 pm

I had something all written out here, but then the internet apparently ate it. It was something to do with AskReddit, but I don't want to type it out again.

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User's Comments:

Reply sailoryue, 08 Jul 2011 09:45 pm

the ineternet likes to do that. facebook often eats my statuses

Reply Gearactua, 08 Jul 2011 10:36 pm

Ok. So apparently he's not justh fabulouth. He's FAT-TASTIC!

Reply GtriX (Guest), 09 Jul 2011 02:57 am

Ummm... What is that thing between those 2 in panel 3? O_o

Reply Squish (Guest), 09 Jul 2011 06:19 am

It's murphy rolling over to flip them the right way up by the looks of it.

Reply Cave Johnson (Guest), 11 Jul 2011 12:27 am

I demand to see this comic's manager!
You're gonna take these lemons back. How dare you give Cave Johnson Lemons! Do you know who I am?! I'm the guy who's gonna burn your host down!-WITH THE LEMONS! I'm gonna get the bummys to invent a combustible lemon that burns your host down! *cough cough cough*

Reply Connors, 16 May 2013 02:49 pm

Physics Puzzles FTW!

Reply Seeen (Guest), 25 May 2013 08:38 pm

Go Go Gadget reference?

Reply lololololol (Guest), 24 Feb 2014 12:49 am

LOL bummy finaly killed the bum scientist

Reply lolololololol (Guest), 20 Mar 2014 02:01 am

bummy! I love the bummy war going on

Reply Leumas797, 17 Jul 2014 06:00 am

Is it wrong that after seeing this I wonder what bummy tastes like?

(the purple blob)

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