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User's Comments:

GabrielsThoughts, 01 Jul 2011 03:42 pm

Sorry? Normally, I wouldn't mention it. However, the bush next to Neko's head in the second panel looks like regurgitated dookie, a form of gas so noxious that it crawled up something's backside and died, or neck slime. Also, I thought I should mention the other bush looks like the dark side of the moon. Perhaps My perception of one is affecting the appearance of the other.

Koldaman (Guest), 01 Jul 2011 03:50 pm

I like the transaction between thee first and second panel here; I think it actually looks quite clever. Plus I like more unique transactions in general.

sailoryue, 01 Jul 2011 07:51 pm

how is Maisy's survival probability 100% if Murphy's blocking the only exit?

Tormented Angel8 (Guest), 02 Jul 2011 02:24 am

I wouldn't have bothered going thru the mail slot if I knew I was too fat to fit in it already. lol

Misty123 (Guest), 02 Jul 2011 02:48 pm

@GabrielsThoughts: the dark bush is a bummy

Kyphis (Guest), 12 Sep 2011 09:35 pm

Bummy That's one of them :P
There are at least 3

Nya (Guest), 03 Jun 2013 02:31 pm

I'm guessing that's him in the window sitting in the armchair? Also there's a buttcheek (probably actually the top of his head, this way just amuses me more) sticking out of the dumpster in panel 3.

Nekotive, 19 Apr 2014 05:34 pm

Why again is there an evil counterpart (me) to Neko? He doesn't need one. Maybe HE'S the evil counterpart...