We dubbed out Aya and Keno's
mid-race chatter. You're not
missing much, it was mostly
about cock.


Author Comments:


A bit late, but it's a 16-panel strip (19 including the vote incentive) and I was doing a diploma. Onward!

On the last page a reader asked about Neko's parents. I don't know a lot about his Dad, but here's his Mum.

That's Garfield, my family's old cat. My very earliest memory is of her nursing her kittens in an old wooden tea chest that had been turned on its side and lined with blankets for the purpose. Mum had told us not to touch the kittens, so when one of them wandered away I followed it at a bit of a distance. It went out of the living room and all the way through the kitchen and out the back door, which was open. I remember following it down the gravel path which led around the house, and that's where the memory ends because life is narratively unsatisfying sometimes. I was only two or three at the time, and Garfield lived until I was twenty.

Neko gets a lot of his personality from her.

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Aww Murphy, you almost made it!

Also, I think this is the first time we've seen Aya smile.