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Now THOSE are proper
facial expressions.
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NtKGar, 09 Apr 2015 04:32 pm

Paige and I met Chip Zdarsky today. He was doing a signing at my local comic shop. He's very nice, we chatted for a few minutes and bonded briefly over how dicks are fun to draw.

Got him to sign our Sex Criminals books (which are a hilarious sci-fi crime-drama sex-comedy) and the first issue of the new Howard the Duck comic he's helming (which I haven't read yet).

Sex Criminals is my comics recommendation of the week. However it's one of those books where the less you know about it going in the better. The back of the book (and the description on Amazon, grr) give away the first-chapter twist (which is kind of OK because it's a great hook, and that's how blurbs work) but it works much better as a reveal at the end of the first chapter than something you know before cracking the cover.

If you see Sex Criminals in a comic shop, read the first chapter, you'll see what I mean. Then buy the book because the characters will have won you over.

And hide it from your parents if you still live with them, because there's butts and stuff.

User's Comments:

onewhitejade, 09 Apr 2015 06:04 pm

The Trouble with Magic That is the trouble with magic. It can't do anything really important.

Hatobureka (Guest), 09 Apr 2015 07:42 pm

PO IS BACK Po seems to be back to normal doesn't he maybe he used up all his dragon tear juice

DK (Guest), 10 Apr 2015 09:51 am

I read the first six issues of Sex Criminals and when they introduced the first antagonist group and had them talk, I dropped it because I just couldn't rationalize their actions. They were just totally antithetical to their stated cause.
I did enjoy the first few chapters before they introduced them though. The characterization of the main characters felt much better than the antagonists'.

GDA, 10 Apr 2015 11:05 am

Po... that's just mean.
Do it again?

Dorcus (Guest), 13 Apr 2015 12:29 am

So, I can't tell if Poe is lying to be cruel or not.

VictorB, 15 Apr 2015 12:10 am

I feel bad Gar. I have been creeping on your page for a bit now, never actually comenting, just enjoying your comics, like peeping tom

Feartheswans, 15 Apr 2015 04:42 pm


You're a Peeping Bunny while I just go around mooning people.